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Product Name Botanical Name Plant Part Extraction Method Country of Origin
Beeswax Absolute - - Solvent France
Boronia Absolute Boronia megastigma Flower Solvent Australia
Calendula Absolute Calendula officinalis Flower Solvent France
Hyacinth Absolute Hyacinthus orientalis Flower Solvent France
Immortelle Absolute Helichrysum italicum Flower Solvent France
Jasmin Absolute Jasminum officinale Flower Solvent India
Jasmin Absolute - Sambac Jasminum sambac Flower Solvent India
Jonquil Wild Absolute Narcissus jonquilla Flower Solvent France
Magnolia Flower Absolute Michelia alba Flower Solvent France
Magnolia Leaf Absolute Michelia alba Leaf Solvent France
Mimosa Absolute Acacia decurrens Plant Solvent France
Narcissus Absolute Narcissus poeticus Flower Solvent France
Oakmoss Absolute Evernia prunastri Plant Solvent France
Orris Absolute Iris pallida Root Solvent Italy
Rose Absolute Rosa centifolia Flower Solvent France
Tonka Bean Absolute Dipteryx odorata Bean Solvent Brazil
Tuberose Absolute Polianthes tuberosa Flower Solvent France
Vanilla Absolute Vanilla planifolia Pod Solvent Brazil
Violet Leaf Absolute Viola odorata Leaf Solvent France
White Ginger Lily Absolute Hedychium coronarium Flower Solvent India